As much as possible, we try to make our indices pricing affordable the same way we make our clients charges affordable. We try as much as possible to make sure that our pricing is affordable and is on the cheap side. Indices are gotten from the price of chosen stocks. They are the collection of stocks market published in most region. When trading indices, the best trading strategy is something that should fit your style and what you have. Everything that needs to have a strategy he or she works with. You can have a look at our indices contract specifics below.

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Yes, Jordan has a stock market. Listed stocks are traded on the “Amman Stock Exchange”, which was founded in 1999 and is authorized to function as a market for trading securities in the country.

You can trade global stocks with Rum Invest through Metatrader5 and Rum Trader web and app as well as local stocks listed on the “Amman Stock Exchange” through the Rum Invest ASE Trader. .

All you need to do is open an account with Rum Invest and request access to the Rum Invest ASE Trader to trade local stocks. You can do so by visiting www.ruminvest.com

Trading in the local stock market is available through the app and offline through your broker. To place orders, please call +962 6 520 1233

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Rum Invest is an international online trading company that offers financial services in various financial markets. It is authorized and regulated by the Jordanian Securities Commission in various financial jurisdictions. It was launched around 2003 and has won thousands of people over by its stability, growth and trading prowess.